We place priority on preventing the spread of infection and ensuring the safety of residents, and take necessary measures appropriately.

For early response, please be sure to contact us if you have any symptoms, if you are suspected of being infected by a health center or work place, if you are designated as a close contact person, or if you get a positive reaction for the new coronavirus. Please contact us.

In addition, in order to prevent the spread of infection to other residents, promptly move to the designated waiting area according to the instructions of the medical institution including the health center.

In the unlikely event that an infection is confirmed in the share-house, you may be required to pay the sterilization and cleaning fee for the room. In addition, you will need to pay the rent during the waiting period after the infection is confirmed.

  1. Correspondence to existing residents

Countermeasures against the new coronavirus We ask each resident to cooperate in preventing infection. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

  • Hand washing and gargling.
  • Installation of alcohol disinfectant and hand soap (available as needed depending on inventory status).
  • Diligent ventilation of common areas.
  • Refrain from eating meals with a large number of people.
  • Recommended cough etiquette recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • Wearing a mask in a common area.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol in common areas.

1-2. Those who are suspected of being infected or who have various symptoms such as fever

  • Changed the women's toilet on the 1st floor exclusively for those who are suspected of being infected, those who have close contact, and those who have various symptoms such as fever (unisex).
  • Changed the left side of the shower room on the 1st floor exclusively for those who are suspected of being infected, those who have close contact, and those who have various symptoms such as fever.

1-3. Response to close contacts and infected persons

If an infected person appears in this share-house, we will disinfect it by referring to the corona response method for apartment houses used in the industry, but the share-house has a lounge, shared equipment, etc. Because of the nature of sharing, it is different from apartment houses, so if an infected person appears, we will respond individually according to the instructions of the health center.

1-4. About correspondence to visitor

As with "2. New tenants (including foreigners)", only those who have submitted a certificate will be permitted.

* Please apply in advance by attaching a photo of the certificate to the email address below.


  1. New tenants (including foreigners)

 Residents in Japan and overseas are required to submit a certificate of vaccination with the new coronavirus (within 6 months), a vaccine passport (within 6 months), or a negative certificate from the PCR test (within 72 hours). Only those who are willing to move in will be notified.

2-2. Foreign visitors and Japanese nationals returning from overseas

Currently, as a policy of the Government of Japan, it is required for foreign visitors and Japanese nationals who return from overseas (returnees) to be isolated from their homes for two weeks. Since our share-house is not suitable as a place to stay during the quarantine period, those who wish to move in, or those who are currently living in our share-house and who are planning to return from overseas, are quarantined by themselves. 

2-3. Introductory support for those who wish to move in

As a general rule, we will respond by online preview, and in the case of real preview, we will only guide those who have submitted the certificate as in "2. New tenants (including foreigners)".

3. Regarding disinfection in the share-house

Normal disinfection is done twice a week, focusing on areas that are touched by human hands, and entrance handles that are touched by many hands are disinfected as much as possible on business days.

If an infected person appears, disinfect the common area on the day at the earliest, but after that, disinfect according to the instructions of the health center.

Please be assured that the disinfectant solution is the disinfectant solution recommended on the page of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (hypochlorous acid water 100ppm or more, alcohol 70%).

About disinfection and sterilization method of new coronavirus


3-2. About the correspondence of the staff

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask when entering the share-house.
  • Staff use alcohol hand sanitizer frequently
  • For staff with various symptoms such as fever, we basically work from home.
  • If there is a person living with the staff or a close relative who is recognized as an infected person or a close contact person, we will promptly report it to the company and if there is a suspicion of infection, we will work at home.

4. Others

About acceptance of patients with new coronavirus infection at accommodation facilities

Saitama Prefecture seems to have opened a private accommodation facility that accepts mildly ill patients with new coronavirus infections. For details, please check directly with the health center.