• Do you have an age limit?No, we don't.
  • Do you accept any nationality?Yes, we do, as long as you can communicate in Japanese or English.
  • Do you accept short term customers?Our lease contract period is every 6 month. But you can leave here within 6 month, if you inform us one month in advance. It means that minimum term is one month.
  • What is the requirement to make a lease contract?ID with your face photo(Driver's license, Passport or certificate of status of residence)
  • In case I don't have ID with my face photo,  how should I do?You need two kind of public ID, such as a resident's card and an insurance card.
  • Do you need a joint guarantor?No, you don't.
  • Can occupants invite friends, family, acquaintances to BonBon?Yes, they can. but you can invite them from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.
  • Can occupants let friends, family, acquaintances stay at their room?We accept one night stay for free, if he/she stays at the occupant room. But in case he/she stays more than 2 days, he/she has to pay for it as a facility use fee.
  • Can I change rooms during a lease contract period?Yes, you can. But it costs ¥5,000 as a fee.
  • Can I use internet for free?
    Yes, you can use WiFi for free at 3rd floor lounge. The speed is 1GB, and it can connect up to 50 gadgets at a time.
  • Can I use internet at each room?
    You may be able to use WiFi that comes from 3rd floor.
    But if you want to make it stable, you can apply for your favorite internet service by yourself.