The costs when make a lease contract

Entrance fee ¥20,000(one time, no refund)
Cleaning fee ¥5,000(one time)
Key cost ¥2,000(one time)
Total cost ¥27,000

The cost when you want to renew a lease contract

Renewal Fee ¥3,000(every 6 month and tax)
  • If you stay 12 months in total, you can select 2 yeas period contract that renews automatically.*In this case it costs only ¥3,000 to make the new contract for the first time only.
  • You can leave within 6 month, if you inform us one month in advance.

The cost when you change rooms

Fee to change rooms ¥5,000
Cleaning cost (If you stayed a room for 6 months ¥5,000

Payment methods

Cash, Bank transfer, Credit cards, E-money, Cashless payment